milestones { On not having a cow, man...

With Walpurgisnacht behind us, today is a happy May Day, the day most of the world considers Labor Day, but which America officially refers to as 'Loyalty Day' (it was moved to disassociate it with leftist labor movements _). The day has a variety of things associated with it, from Communism to Paganism.

For me, the major significance is that it was the day I went vegetarian. No thought or significance was planned, it just ended up happening on that day. I woke up and decided not to eat meat anymore. There was no one reason, although I found the arguments for health, the environment, ethics, aesthetics, and the fact that meat never did much for me in the first place sufficiently compelling in combination. That was ten years ago today. A little milestone, but one worth a moment of contemplation.

So here's to not eating animals for a decade. I don't miss it at all.

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GeistX said...

congrats on 10 years...here have a stalk of celery! :-)