WoW { Account Payable/Accounts Receivable

Life post 60 in World of Warcraft is a roller coaster. You go from what appears to be the poor parched desert of Azeroth into a XP filled land where gold almost literally rains from the sky. Where the purple item you spent hours trying to get and hundreds of gold in a quest chain that seemed impossible to complete, is replaced, in your first easy quest by a green, that has double the stats and double the dps.

Though gold flows freely and the average quest reward is 2g+, expenses go up...a lot. My average repair bill post-raid is now 4.5g. My alchemy recipes are on average 3g cost now and require Imbued Vials, which cost 1g80s if I get them in the old world per 5 vials or 2g70s in the new world (until my rep gets higher). My skills, are amazing, but now cost 4-8g to learn. So I'm making more but spending more. The grand-daddy of all expenses await me at lvl 70, the Purple Swift Flying Mount (see left). I wants this. But to get it I need to first get a regular flying mount, the regular mount is 100g, and the 'epic' is 200g...but the training...master riding (for regular flying) is 800g and artisan (required for epic flying) is, I kid you not, 5000g. In all 6130g. It took me 2 weeks of, for me, hard questing to get 630g for my epic bony pony. This will take me a while. I'm starting to save, but I'm only 4.5 levels until 70. But I think its worth it. Once I get the regular flying mount, a whole new part of Outland will open up, and I will have access to places where I can get mats for my profession in an easier way and will be able to get gold faster. I also need to play the AH a bit more.

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