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*UPDATE: I should put this rant in context. I stayed home yesterday to work, one of the joys of a results oriented job, my boss does not care where I work as long as the work gets done, I attend the meetings I have to, etc. While at home I thought about May Day. It was a time of reflection (as well as being highly productive). I listen to stories on the radio, about how protest march turn out this year is down, everyone is afraid. That made me mad. It made me think about America in a larger sense. I watch KTTC news last night, disappointed as usual, I watched Leno, bland. The commercials, sickening. I don't know why I torture myself, its the only remains of 'TV' I watch (that isn't obtained from other sources, such as YouTube). I read the paper. It more of the same shit, different day. Its been like this for a period of time that is exhausting. Bush veto'd the spending bill, no surprise there, but the Dems don't have enough votes to override. No one has any balls to stand up to this administration. Politicians are all looking to 2008 and not the now. I woke up to my neighbors yelling at each other, something that doesn't happen on my block and I somehow got tapped into an angry vibe. A vein of frustration.

Angry, sadness, revolution, renegade, love, hate, compassion, apathy.

(rant factor 10 in this post, be warned)

May Day, a day of solidarity among the workers of the world. Repressed, but not as brutally as elsewhere in this country.

America where the fuck are we? Do we know who we are? Where will we be in 20 years after the bastards in power have died off, but not before plundering the essence out of the earth, out of us. Where will we be after they have sacrificed us at the altar of greed? Who have we become that we will let them? We are in a never ending war but its business as usual? Put a flag on your house a ribbon on your car saying you support the troops but don't understand where or why we are there. Jingoism is the new patriotism. Fuck you, fuck me, fuck us all. Baby Boomers I blame you. Gen X I blame you (and me) for not trying harder. MTV and Gen Y and whatever they call the generation that follows, though you will never realize it, I am sorry for the world you will inherit, but you will not see it, its not covered in your Reality TV. You will pass us who lived through this time as 'old timers' or 'curmudgeons'. I'm sorry to the babies who will never know their mother or father who died in this war for oil, wrapped in an American flag and passed off as a mission of mercy and the spread of democracy. We have the illusion of choice but no choice. We have the illusion of compassion, but little compassion. Worship of the dollar. Censorship of the dissent. Violation of your privacy. Stifling of the imagination. To quote the Matrix 'the desert of the Real'.

Yeah I'm angry, tired, sad, worried, here's what I'm listening to:


Songname Artist Composer Album
Yell Fire Michael Franti & Spearhead Yell Fire!
Tricky - Black Steel
Renegades of Funk Rage Against the Machine Renegades
Guerrilla Radio Rage Against the Machine Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford, Tom Morello & Zack de la Rocha The Battle of Los Angeles
War Photographer Jason Forrest Shamelessly Exciting
Destroy Everything You Touch Ladytron Witching Hour
Staring at the Sun TV On the Radio Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Parting of the Sensory Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
War Edwin Starr 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the '70s
Superhero Ani Difranco A. Difranco Dilate
Godlike-Doglike KMFDM Retro
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Nevermind
America's Boy Broadcast Tender Buttons
For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield
Juke-Joint Jezebel KMFDM Retro
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 Adam Clayton, Bono, Larry Mullen & The Edge The Complete U2 - War
Evil Ladytron Light and Magic
Bukowski Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News
16 Military Wives The Decemberists Picaresque
Army Dreamers Kate Bush Kate Bush The Whole Story
Infra-Red Placebo Brian Molko/Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, Steve Hewitt Meds
Meds Placebo Brian Molko/Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, Steve Hewitt Meds
Pierrot The Clown Placebo Brian Molko/Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, Steve Hewitt Meds
Metal Heart Garbage Bryan Vig, Douglas Erickson, Shirley Manson & Steve Marker Bleed Like Me
All Along The Watchtower Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland
Cannonball The Breeders Last Splash
Walking With A Ghost Tegan & Sara Sara Quin So Jealous
Morning Glory Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix) The Bravery Sam Endicott An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix) - Single
I Have Not Been to Paradise Zoe Poledouris Starship Troopers
Deceptacon Le Tigre Le Tigre
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell
Haïti The Arcade Fire The Arcade Fire Funeral
Girl Anachronism The Dresden Dolls Amanda Palmer The Dresden Dolls
Hurt Johnny Cash American IV - The Man Comes Around
Cello (Where You Were) Souls Bird Fish or Inbetween
King Of New Orleans Better Than Ezra Friction, Baby
Low Low Low James Laid
Candy Everybody Wants 10,000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden
Open the Door Magnapop Rubbing Doesn't Help
Unbelievable EMF Schubert Dip
Gravedigger Dave Matthews Some Devil
Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog
Land of Confusion Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists (Bonus Video Version)
God Tori Amos Under The Pink

Yeah they're not all angry, but they have a thematic tie of anger, sadness, loss, revolution, or at least sound it.


Knight of Nothing said...

I feel your pain, dude.

Jonathan Goh said...

i have been searching for I Have Not Been to Paradise Zoe Poledouris Starship Troopers song for almost 2 years now. i see that u have that song in your playlist can u pls send it to me or tell me where i might find it. im really grateful

jonathan goh Singaporean