tagged { So I've been tagged...

Knight of Nothing has tagged me as one of his seven to post about 7 songs that I am into right now and why, regardless of what they are...

So here's my list:

1) 'On the Radio', Regina Spektor - dark humor, deep message, quirky.
2) 'Sex', The Pipettes - The Pipettes have a 50s era rock sound styling but with more modern twists, I've loved their album. 'Sex' has a catchy chorus and rhythm.
3) 'Yell Fire', Micheal Franti and Spearhead - reggae sound with a message about the BS that we are quagmired in thanks to the six years the neo-cons and the Republicans have been in total control. This song angers me and makes me want to yell 'FUCK YOU BUSH! FUCK YOU ROVE! FUCK YOU AMERICA FOR BEING STUPID!'.
4) 'Hurricane (don't come knocking)', Husky Rescue - entrancing song, all I can say.
5) 'Renegades of Funk', Rage Against the Machine - another revolution song. I'm really in a rebellious spirit at the moment, my inner revolutionary has been awakened.
6) 'A Good Start', Maria Taylor - damn this song is addictive, entrancing much like the Husky Rescue song, philosophical. I love her voice.
7) 'Huddle Formation', the Go! Team - mainly b/c I can't figure the freaking chorus out and the lyric sites are all full of bullshit, that's not what they're saying.

Those who I tag: Allthingsspring, Celesathene, Zophorian, Avindair, romunov, Nerdwife, Jeffery

(I won't do DAV since Knight already tagged him)

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Nerdwife said...

In no particular order:

1. Elbow- "Leaders of the Free world"
Dark, grinding; it just feels good.

2/3. Cloud cult- " Chemicals collide" and "Song for a Deaf Girl"
I really love this whole album, and probably should just count it as the list.

4. Bossacucanova- "Aguas de Marco"
An album mistakenly purchased while, um, under the influence, which has turned out to be a good sound for me.

5. Electrelane- "The Greater Times"
Those Brits. Who can resist? Not me.

6. Bonham- "Something Beautiful"
Have rediscovered this, again.

7. Rollercone-"Palais Mascotte"
I'm not really sure why- please limit your snickering when you hear it.

A mellower list than usual for me; perhaps post-hospital chilling out has influenced my choices?

ps- sorry it took me so long, geist