review { movie - Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Wits End

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Now to be fair, I found Pirates 3: At Wits End, quite a bit
more rewarding than P2: Suck, but did find it a little long at 168 minutes. I
thought Depp once again pulled the plane out of a tailspin to make a
crash landing, something he didn't do with Pirates 2: Man This Sucks.
Once again every plot line has a plot line, but this time also an
ending, something like sixty endings. Seriously more endings than Lord
of the Rings but without the closure. The last scene again was a
plot line. I would also like to thank Lucas for giving us the
genre-busting 20 minute long sword fight scenes which appeared again
in P2 and P3. Except unlike Anakin vs Obi, these were yawnfests.

Excellent showings from Bill Nighy, Stellan Skarsgard, Johnny Depp,
the monkey, the parrot, Geoffrey Rush.

Once again poor showings from Orlando 'forever to be known as Legolas'
Bloom, and Keira 'She's a MAN! Baby!' Knightly.


Avindair said...

I just published my review, too. Pretty much agreed with everything you said.

I didn't bother to mention Kiera Knightly or Orlando Bloom, though. Not since Lana Lang and...um...anyone else on Smallville has a romantic lead sucked the wind out of the sails of a story faster than these two did.

But hey! At least it was LOOOOOONG...

Knight of Nothing said...

Great review, it made me chuckle.