musings { fiddling while Rome burns

I'm sitting finally again at my office away from my office sipping coffee (decaf) and trying to focus my thoughts and day to come, today is Thursday. Thursday is meeting day, 4 hours of meetings.

I sit sipping my extremely hot coffee and in the background CNN is on (here it is usually CNN, thankfully never Fox News). So far the headlines have been different from the norm. One piece that took 10 minutes, which is an eternity on headline news, is about a woman who, according to the headline (the sound is off) 'Woman Had an Abortion Due to Extreme Morning Sickness'. I almost wish the sound had been on because by headline alone (besides the bad grammar) something seemed fishy. I didn't see and couldn't hear if a 'pro-life' rebuttal was there. I strain my mind to decide if that is news worthy or not. The next piece was about a miniature quarter-horse, so it must a slow news day in the world. It reminds me of a 'King of the Hill' I've recently seen where Gribble's wife, who was a news anchor was told by her boss 'We're moving you to features, nobody cares about the news anymore. All they care about is features and interest stories.' CNN used to have news, but it is also just a infotainment station now geared to delivering you the very best in commercials. The Fifth Estate is dead.

I've been reading a piece on why Bush hasn't been impeached yet over at Salon.com. It saddens me further. This guy should have never been elected (or appointed), should never have been re-elected, and sure as hell should have been brought up on binding, impeachment charges. But we seem to have lost our will. Like the whole country is on prozac or whatever the current, trendy happy pill is today.

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