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GeistX has tagged me, (List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.) so here are musical compositions (I won't confine myself to just songs) I'm into right now:

1) Tori Amos - 'Live To Tell'. This is a cover of Madonna's adult breakout hit, where instead of singing pop pap, she sang about keeping secrets and knowledge/wisdom hidden away. It was a great song and the Tori Amos adaptation was great, a perfect match for her style. Plus the sound of her Bösendorfer instead of synths was a nice change.

2) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - 'Oregon Girl'. I first thought this was Weezer, as it had a certain Rivers Cuomo flavor to it, but it was too balanced to be from the fairly absent band. I learned in horror that this song gained its popularity by appearing on an episode of 'The O.C.'. A nice little thing, in any case.

3) Fountains of Wayne - 'Stacy's Mom'. A New Wave tribute and a genuinely funny song. I dare you not to be hooked by its catchy lines and cleverness. Plus its a tribute to MILFs everywhere.

4) Brian Eno - 'An Ending (Ascent)'. Originally written for a documentary film called For All Mankind, and released on the 'Apollo' album, this track is classic Eno and an example of how well subtle, yet simply layered ambient music can form together to make something nearly transcendent. The piece is at once both awe inspiring and also deeply comforting. I had to find this track after hearing it on 'Top Gear', a favorite British car show, and then learning the track's origin when it appeared in '28 Days Later'.

5) Kohachiro Miyata - 'Tusuru No Sugomori'. At once primal and yet relevant, this solo performance on Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) has more highs and lows than other recordings of that instrument I have heard, yet without the often superfluous addition of Koto or Shamisen. In this form it is mysterious, ancient, powerful, and captivating.

6) The Smiths - 'Girlfriend in a Coma'. Here is intricate and carefully crafted lyrics both acid and suggestive. Morrissey and Johnny Marr in top form, which is good because it was the last song The Smiths ever recorded.

7) Weezer - 'Butterfly'. Probably my favorite song off the superb and underrated Pinkerton album, its just Rivers and guitar, singing sadly. Indeed, this is a melancholy song on an album that none could describe as cheery, but it is done with such earnestness, such raw emotion, that you can't help but get drawn in.

For the record, I tag Barb, Ingo, Amy, Timothy, Karen, Michael, and Raj, although I doubt any of them read the blog.


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Toby said...

Pinkerton is one of the most underrated albums, i love it, and Butterfly is a great song.