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Fantastic. This particular TCZ challenge has caught me at a time when I'm listening to pure shit right now. No elevated harmonies. Nothing to make me look awesome... 'cept if ura 13y/o m/f omg! rotflmao!

1. Young Lions - Adrian Belew
Ok, so this one isn't so bad because it's almost completely unknown = indie, right? I love this song like I once loved Africa by Toto. It inspires me to do great things. Or at least feel like I was meant to do great things.

2. Umbrella - Rhianna f. Jay-Z
A top 40 snare I heard on the radio one day a couldn't let go. Ooh that low synth on the bridge to the chorus gets me everytime. (Worst video ever.)

3. Hands Open - Snow Patrol
'It's hard to argue when, you won't stop making sense'

4. Everyday I Love You Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs
Just discovered this on my iPod song shuffle, can't resist it. Fantastic anti-love song.

5. Wannabe - Spice Girls

6. Give it to Me - Timbaland f. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
I like JT more than I should admit. Great song all 'bout shuttin' down them haterz.

7. Make it Rain - Fat Joe f. L'il Wayne
Because I'm a terrible person. And I make it rain on them hos.

I will not tag 7 more people or we will be awash in a sea of lists.

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