musings { So I've been silent a while

I've been out of touch with the world, partly by choice, partly but circumstance. Avoiding the news, reading my fiction books, catching up with friends, spending time with nerdwife, playing World of Warcraft.

I've started easing myself back into the news, by reading the New York Times. But I had the feeling, at least for the last week that there is no news. Its the same issues, the same woes, the same failed policies as the day before. We're stuck in a suck spiral, globally. We need something, preferably positive, to break out of this and end the cycle. I'm not sure what that solution is, or how to do it. As I've said many times before if I did, I wouldn't be here saying we need something, I'd be out trying to do something. Everyday for the last two weeks the front page of the New York Times, save for when the Queen was here going to the Derby, consisted of pretty much two topics:

1) Israel and Palestine are fighting (again, for the millionth reiteration).
2) More dead in Iraq, officials say we're making progress, but it sure still looks like a shit storm.

There is some business shit as well, capitalism is screwing you here, big businesses caught cheating there, private equity firms are buying up public firms, thus making them private. Trade imbalance, weak dollar, etc. (whatever happened to us raising a stink about China's human rights violations? Oh that's right, that was before we started abducting people, torturing them and spying on our own, we can cast stones while in a glass house I guess).

Pretty much its the same shit, different day. I guess that can be true of all of history. I'm not sure of what I would like to see on the front page of the news, but I'm tired of the Middle East. Lets figure something out and make some progress so that before I die I can read a newspaper without some god awful event being on the front page. Utopian vision I know, highly improbably, but not impossible.

On a side note, last night while questing in the Outlands, in the orc village of Garadar, in the zone of Nagrand I witnessed something amazing. Thrall, the warchief of the orcs returned to his ancestral home, and while there retold a tale of the breaking of the blood curse on the orcs, a seminal event in the history of the lore of Warcraft, in which Grom Hellscream defeated Mannoroth the Pit Lord, who long ago corrupted the orcs for his own purposes. The event was a well done cinematic in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and they replayed it in game in WoW:

I keep finding gems in this game.

His arrival was a major event, he traveled with an honor guard of many Wolf Riders.

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