story { Saturday May 19, 2007...

...or Quest for Veg.

The morning started cool. A tingle in the air that promised rained...lying bastard weather is. The clouds rolled through and humidity crept in. Blessed rain fell briefly, compounding the humidity. The mercury rose, approaching 30C (or 86F for you lamers). Beef broth had been delivered, to a vegetarian, in a cruel twist of life. Thus began the 'Quest of Veg'. Off in to the world of Rochester I go. Deep into highways and byways of the seedy or shiny underbelly that is local grocers. I walk first to a very small mom and pop, they primarily service the people who have loved ones in the hospital. All they have is pop and gum. This is a grocery? Fear not, one exists but a hundred feet further down the walk. Go I forth to seek the juice of veg. I enter ye good establishment and forsooth! Actual grocer found I. To the soup and soup making section I go...sadly only one type of broth to be found...BEEF. Think I then, not clearly, otherwise to 'The Good Food' store would I have gone, but another local grocer exists but 3/4 of a mile down yonder. Walk I. Sweaty I arrive at my destination, more from the fact of humidity/transition from A/C to the outside, and go forth to the soup aisle. Great variety of broth have they...3 kinds of beef, 2 kinds of chicken...sadly no veg. I stand outside and ponder. My mind, clearly still not thinking straight for from where I stood 'The Good Foods' store was but a 1/2 mile distant, comes around to the local Indian Grocer. He has been helpful in the past and a large portion of Indian cuisine, while spicy, is vegetarian, surely they must have broth made from the flora. I walk forth another 1/2 mile. I arrive and am heartily greeted. I peruse the various isle and see many tasty things, but no broth. Confront the proprietor I did, to find that they do not carry broth of any type since most Indian dishes are prepared fresh from fresh ingredients. I thank him and buy some tea. And with my head held low, I walk the little over a mile back, in defeat, sweating for by now it is quite hot and sticky. I arrive back to realize...duh...'The Good Foods Store'. It has Vegan food.

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AllThingsSpring said...

There is a systematic conspiracy against Vegetarians in the Midwest. It seems that food people, no matter who they are, quite normally expect to put meat in any and every dish. It is as though if it doesn't have meat then it isn't food.

As a vegetarian this pisses me off to no end.

Grocers, restaurant owners, and the food industry: There are millions of vegetarians in the US. We're statistically like 1 out of every 20 people in America. You are pissing away 5% of your business because you can't be bothered to even try to provide for those of use who prefer not to eat animals.