dreams { Once there was this guy who...

Ok so I'm not going to quote 'Crash Test Dummies'. But my dreams have been, not strange, but different. I'm still going through a series where my dreams re-live parts of my younger life. Visions of things that were or things that were, but not in that way. Lately I've been having, not a dream, more of a vision. The scene is its night, and its dark and I'm standing on a loading dock looking out at the late spring/early summer night. A gentle breeze blows through the oaks and maples I can see just across the small concrete area for the trucks to back in. The smell on the air is that of how warm evening just after a rainstorm smell. Wet asphalt, earthy aromas of rich soil, moisture in the breeze. Bugs hover around the single light hanging in the parking lot. I know this place, I've been in this place. I've experienced this, but that was 12 years ago. When I worked night shift at Deluxe. I'm the only one on the dock and I'm wearing a blue smock. This means it was the back of the Red Fox plant. But its deep night the sounds of the city are quiet. The sky is still deep and dark, no pre-dawn yet, it must be 3am. But that's not completely right. I wore a blue smock on second shift when I did printing press maintenance. On third shift I packed boxes. I never turn around to look or confirm that I am where I am.

The trees are lush and green.

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