warcraft { Pernox and Knockturne

Level 59.


Avindair said...

Level 59?! Yow!

SpousalGoddess and I hit 40 and 38 respectively before new jobs and Spring hit. That was the beginning of March. We've played once since.


Of course, my computer time always slows down in the spring and summer. It might take me a while to see 70, but eventually I will.

GeistX said...

I figure I will approach lvl 70 around the same time Blizzard releases the next Xpac that will push the limit to 80.

I'm not hardcore. I play a couple times a week and me and this guy in my guild play a bit on Sundays. What's shooting me through the levels, and actually faster than I would like (I want to see the content and I need to save $$$ for the lvl 60 mount), is the rested, x2 XP. I blew through my 50s b/c the mobs you fight at that level give 200-500 rested XP each. Last night me and another guy killed a lvl 60 silverwing (named elite) in Terrordale, Eastern Plaguelands that gave 1330xp. Quest turn ins starting around lvl 55 are 4-8000xp per turn in, and rep grinding for the Argent Dawn is an xp pump.

Like I said, its sad, I'm having as much fun in my 50s as I've had in my 20s.

Now only 730g until epic mount. I hope to hit that much by 60, but I'm already half way to 60 so I don't think it will happen. I'm waiting on the Outlands until I get my epic mount.

The other sad thing is that raiding the interesting instances in Azeroth is dead, everyone is in Outlands griding for epic flying mount money (5200g).

DAV said...

So what's your sword there?

GeistX said...

Its a Phantasmal Blade with a Fiery Enchant made and enchanted by guildies who crafted the awesome blade for me. My other blade is The Vanquisher Sword, a quest reward.

The Fiery Phantasmal does a buttload of damage, and can proc for +40 fiery damage, in addition it has the ability to reduce a targets armor by 100 and prevent it from going stealth or invisible for a short time (great in pvp).

The Vanquisher Sword (which I used to pair with the Sword of Omen) does a buttload of damage and increase attack power and to hit chance.

At some point I will go back to being a dagger rogue, but swords are just too useful now.