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I had a strange dream this morning. In reflections I think it is a mish-mash of my life with a warning in it. It was a short dream that happened between 9am and 10am this morning, during the time I refused to get up, because its Sunday damn it.

The dream started, I was on the bus riding into work, like any of the couple hundred days I've been doing it. It was spring and the day was gray. At a bus stop a girl gets on, she wearing a nurse's uniform and very pregnant. I recognize her. She was the redhead who was a few grades behind me who rode my bus back when I was in high school. Except now she is a woman (or what she looks like as a woman as my mind aged her) and a nurse. She was always mean and hateful. She sits next to me because for some reason now all the seats in the bus are full. I allow her to sit and say hi and ask her if she was who I thought she was (I knew her name in my dream but during the waking world I can't remember who she is). She says yes and we talk a little bit about what has happened since school She is pregnant and she does not know who the father is because she had never had a stable relationship that lasted for any amount of time. We ride the bus and it pulls up to our stop...Moos Tower at the U of MN. Which is not where I work, but in my dream is a place where I get off. We walk to Coffman union, it both is and isn't Coffman Union, its a cross of the U of MN student union and Augsburg College's union. She asks me if I would wait with her until she has to go to her appointment, I say yes. We walk up to the mezzanine level and find two chairs. Its cold so I share my coat with her. She falls asleep and shortly later I do, which is a first, I've never had dreams that I was sleeping in a dream before. I awake to the sound of two students picking on her. I both know and don't know these students the kind of, depending upon the angle shift between people I know. One of them shifted through a succession of guys I know, the greasy guy from student honor college, the fellow classmate accused of child molestation while babysitting, a motorhead who like El'Dorados. The other was a mish-mash of students from my CompSci class at the U of MN, the ones who were unwashed and had the social graces of young nerds. She was hurt by their comments and I defended her and drove them off. In school I hated this girl. But in my dream I defended her.

She left for her appointment and I was left alone on the mezzanine. I fall back asleep in my dream again. I awaken to two young but cute girls staring at me. They ask if I play D&D and I say yes and they squeal with girlish glee. One of them asks me to come over and look at her character sheet and give an opinion of whether it was a good character or not. I do while, her character sheet is pretty lame, and pre-generated. I turn around and her friend had moved my chair, and in its place she put a folding table on which they had various things for sale. They were all free D&D modules that were printed off the internet and sold for $10-$15 a piece. They were all crap. I was upset my chair, which was by a big window and was warm was moved. I felt duped. I was upset at the price of the gaming modules they were selling. I looked around for my chair. All around me the mezzanine level turned into a bazaar of sorts where college students were selling wares of all types. In dismay I decide to find the campus movie theater and see a movie. I go downstairs. Its suddenly night, the college students have cleared out and the lower level is full of people in suits, it looks like the lobby of a nice hotel, like the one we stayed in San Francisco. No one acknowledges my presence I go to the bell hop who looks at me with mild disgust.

I wake up before I can ask him where the movie theater is or what's playing.

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