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Yeah, Nixonesque America is back and boy is it popular.

How many more crimes will these people be allowed to commit before they are removed from positions of power? Any one of the major scandals that this administration seems to have been part of would have earned the lot of them a prison cell. Almost every day there is a new one.

If this criminal syndicate in the executive branch is not brought to answer for their total failure to live up to any standards of justice and accountability, then it won't matter what happens in 2008, because the government will have revealed itself as so fundamentally broken so as to not be salvageable.

This culture of corruption sickens me. These men and women are sociopaths, and way outside the standards of acceptable behavior.


Bill Burton said...

I agree. However, I have no answers, no hope, no ideas. I am glad that some people have the energy and the passion and the desire to work to make the world a better place.

The political arena is a mudpit; I admired politicians such as Eugene McCarthy. I thought he was a good man.

GeistX said...

For readers who may not know who Eugene McCarthy was and confuse him with the McCarthy from Wisconsin (that was Joe McCarthy) who did the communist witch hunts of the 1950s, here is a link:


Thank you for your comment Bill!