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What I'm playing:

X3: The Reunion - one of the best space games I've played in years. I've been playing this one for about a year now. I'm playing in free form mode. The premise, you have a small ship and some creds and the whole galaxy before you to make your way. I've built a sizable commerce empire. CubeZoo Galactic Inc. is entering its next fiscal year with two cruiser class transports, a flotilla of independent 'universe traders' who represent my interests far and wide and send me the cash. Two 'space fuel' distillery complexes (distillery + wheat farm) making 'CubeZoo's Special Brew' whiskey, contraband in most civilized space, but damn profitable. Nine ore and silicon mining complexes fueling the hi-tech, weapon, and ship building industries of various races. A very lucrative Solar Power Plant in a vital trade hub of 'Argon' (human) space, I undercut competition in the universally needed commodity of 'energy cells' by about 15% and I can't keep'em in stock, pure profit. One Mega-complex (3 cattle farms, 3 wheat farms, 1 chelt aquarium, 1 scruffin farm, 1 flower farm, ore mine, silicon mine, XL class solar power plant, 3 crytsal fabs, 1 quantum tube fab, 1 mass driver forge, 1 AHEPT forge, 1 ammo fac, 1 25MJ shield fac, 1 Teladianium plant, 1 cloth rimes fac, 1 microship fab, 1 computer component fab) all setup to feed 'CubeZoo Galactic HQ' my ship building heart of my commercial, and increasingly military empire. I have a profitable 1MJ Shield Complex that I ignore and just make money on. And finally, I have a Free Trade Station staking claim to an 'Unknown Sector' I've claimed 'Area 51', once I have the military might to force open trade lanes, I will be migrating my HQ and Megacomplex back there. I had to move it in order to be closer to the primary markets.

World of Warcraft - Pernox the Undead Rogue is lvl 57 and climbing. I've joined a guild and have new friends.

Vampire: The Masquerade, Bloodlines - just got it out of the bargin bin and want to try.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade - latest xpac for the Dawn of War series...beautiful, chilling, campaign mode is awesome. I'm playing the Tau.

Aces High II - sadly the old squadron fell apart again, so I canceled my subscription.

EVE: Online - I've been looking at this pretty closely, looks a lot like X3, but I play with/against other people and not NPCs, could be fun and potentially a giant time sink.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - beautiful graphics, forced linear campaign progress though.

Guitar Hero I and II - my band 'Goatsex UK', rocking da house!

Destroy All Humans 1 and 2 - the first one is better, campy 50s style sci-fi movie...in game form!

Games I'm waiting for: Serenity MMO, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (MMO)

What I'm reading:

God Delusion by Richard Dawkins - so far not a bad read, I have issues with some of his points, mainly in terms of his philosophical arguments around the concept of faith. He applies a bit of the 'blind them with science' approach in some of his arguments. I haven't finished the book so I'm reserving final judgement.

Warpsword by Dan Abnett - a continuation of the Malus Darkblade series. I'm a big Dan Abnett fan.

Victorian Life and Times - research for my 'Nox' campaign.

Five Fists of Science - graphic novel (reread), research for my 'Nox' campaign.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana - research for my 'Nox' campaign.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army - horrifying

Bass Guitar for Dummies - I have to start somewhere.

Cosmicomics - per a recommendation from Nerdwife.

Salt: A World History - fascinating history of salt. He has another book 'Cod' that I may get next. I became fascinated with this kinds of books after reading 'Coffee: A Dark History'.

Of Empire - this is what I read on the bus ride to/from home. Its a small book and fits easily into my bag. Slow going due to the old style of language, not quite as bad as Shakespeare, but close.

I have a few more dustier ones on my 'to read' shelf, but these are the ones I plan to get through first or have started or have read recently.

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