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Bill Moyers Journal on 'Buying the War' - the complete failure of the mainstream media to challenge the lies of the Bush administration to enter us into an unwarranted, illegal war of aggression.

He's ripping the mainstream media a new corn chute.

The media should be a skeptical resource, a critic when governments spout things that aren't true. When thousands of lives depend on those lies being believed or disbelieved, their failure to provide a check to arrogant power becomes criminal.

Worth a watch.


GeistX said...

Bill Moyer is the stone-cold master.

Very illuminating.

I would also like people to remember that Iraq started before 9/11. Shortly after Bush was made the President by SCOTUS, he petitioned and was awarded a blank check in handling Iraq.

GeistX said...

Also another reason why the 'fifth estate' bloggers are important. You need at least some watchers watching the watchers watching the watched.