coffeehouse { I <3 Espresso Expose

Espresso Expose
600 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 378-9604

Most beloved of all coffeehouses I've been to in my travels. It was my first. I stopped in on a whim one day in 1993, while at school. I had been curious about coffeehouses. I fell in love with their excellent mochas, and their rocket fuel (dark roast + espresso). It soon became a major hang-out during my time at University, a place of study, friendship, almost another home. The person who owns this coffeehouse also owned my second most favorite coffeehouse, The Purple Onion (which I had thought closed, but am happy to find just moved).

Sitting in EE right now I am reminded of the good times, the old times. My college years were a roller coaster of euphoric highs and the deepest depths of lows. I regret not finishing my degree, but my time spent here has been of immense value to my life. I spoke with the Barista and asked if the same person still owns the place. She told me yes, I'm happy. We chatted a little bit, she's a current student. I told her I was a student here 14 years ago and this was one of my main places to hangout or study. They managed to survive, right across the street from a Starbucks, and I also see now a Caribou. Its a model of an independent coffeehouse. Inviting atmosphere, excellent coffee, art from local artists on the walls (and at one point, the cleanest public restrooms in the Twin Cities). The place has been remodeled, but its still like home. Its been 14 years, but it really hasn't changed. One of the things I've always liked about the U of MN campus, things are /always/ changing, but yet they manage to stay the same.

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