politics { SC(r)OTUS upholds 'partial-birth' abortion ban

This is bullshit plain and simple.

Broadsheet at salon.com basically expresses my feelings on this issue as well as has some good links. Check out. Be outraged. I whole heartedly agree this is a violation of a woman's right and a limitation on the options a doctor has to give care.

Fuck you Bush and your SCOTUS lackeys (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and head pooba Roberts).

This goes beyond my feelings that something didn't go the way I want. This is just the truth coming out that Roberts and Alito were hand picked to ignore precedent and legal history (and impartiality) to overturn Roe v Wade as well as a myriad of other civil liberties and rights.

*UPDATE - this whole topic rekindles my who anger, frustration and passion against the so-called 'pro-life'/'culture of life' movement. You have a right to your opinions, but you're also wrong. You're also irrational, so nothing I say or prove can change your mind or you opinion. Regardless I'm still going to outline why you're wrong.

1) you value the unborn over the living
2) most 'pro-life' also are pro-capital punishment
3) remember the bombing of abortion clinics and planned parenthoods? even today doctors and counselors still receive death threats
4) you don't care about healing people or helping people (see 1, you limit doctors ability to provide care)
5) most of you won't fund programs to help those who can't support a child (you term them welfare queens and call welfare a bad thing)
6) most of you have the inability to think beyond yourself and put yourself in someone else's shoes, limitations of rights affect us all even if it doesn't seem to affect you directly.

1+2+3+4+5+6 != life == death

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AllThingsSpring said...

Ugh. I can respect a person for being either pro-abortion rights or anti-abortion rights. I can respect a person who supports or does not support a legal right to have this particular procedure performed.

But I cannot stand the damn phrase 'partial-birth abortion'.

This was a completely made up term, used by the anti abortion rights movement to elicit an emotional gut reaction. It has no place in the medical community.

The procedure is properly referred to as an "Intact Dilation and Extraction", or "Intact D&E".

Take whatever position you like on the issue, but USE THE PROPER MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY.

For the record, I am pro abortion rights, and do not consider it the business of the government to dictate to women or their doctors what particular procedure is acceptable, especially when the life of the woman is potentially at stake.