no apologies { Never gonna happen.

I will never apologize for voting for Nader in 2000, which was voting my conscious. So I think everyone will just have to get over it...or go cry in a corner.

But on a more serious note, at this point, continuing to bash 'Naderish Voters' will accomplish nothing except alienate more liberals. Is this not (still for now) a free country and open society? Is not the electorate supposed to be allowed to choose their own candidates?

P.S. Ouch, saying Green Party members work for the Republicans, that's low.


AllThingsSpring said...

I too voted for Nader in 2000, and I too have no reason to apologize.

Then again, we live in Minnesota, which was going for Gore no matter what. I might have given a closer thought if I were a Florida voter, but here, I felt just fine. There is nothing wrong with tactical voting. It is my vote to do with as I think proper.

The two-party-winner-takes-all American system of elections is just stupid. We need preferential voting and proportional representation. If I can get away with playing games and offering a 'fuck you' to the two-wings-of-the-bank-party system and still end up having the more progressive electable candidate win, I'll do it. I don't owe any party a thing. Parties are tools, nothing more.

My opinion is that the Green party is often (but certainly not always) much closer to my views. If I can pressure the Democratic party to stay a little more liberal and not water down what is the correct thing to do, then I'll do so.

celesathene said...

Wow! That was quick. I was writing a comment and am almost too late.

The logic with the-Nader-voters-lost-Gore's-presidency is flawed. I wrote a comment like 8 posts ago.

Seriously, Kucinich '08! He's gettin' my money!

Knight of Nothing said...
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Knight of Nothing said...

Hey man!

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