response { Owning your actions

Knight has posted an excellent response to the debate DAV of EvilBobby and I had regarding Naderish Voters. Read it. It is eloquent and well put.


romunov said...

Cubozoa? :)

GeistX said...

romunov I assumed you are referencing the box jellyfish, which is a very interesting creature.

cubozoa would be an awesome name for a blog. CubeZoo is named after the phenomenon in American (and probably global) business world were large open spaces in office buildings are segregated into smaller workspace by cubicle (or cube) walls. This gives the illusion of privacy without actually providing any privacy. Since it only provides the illusion of privacy, cube dwellers often have low morale, low productivity and a lot of inter-office ennui. :-)

PS - welcome and thanks for posting! I see you linked me on your blog (nice blog btw) so I will link to you.

Knight of Nothing said...

Thanks for the props, GeistX. I got your back, amigo!

I might have to turn on the word verification thingy myself. I got a bunch of weird off topic comments to my post. ;-)